Spectrum Bakes

Spectrum Bakes is part of Spectrum Enterprises, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a simple social mission: gainful, meaningful employment for young adults on the Autism spectrum.

At Spectrum Bakes we create simple, wholesome treats in small batches. Our granola bars and bites, and our gift baskets, are delicious and wholesome alternatives to supermarket brands.

We are operationally self-sustaining through sales. All fundraising proceeds go towards expansion of our facilities. With that increased capacity we can help more individuals help themselves.


Deana Nissen, Enterprise coordinator

Deana is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations for the Bakes and Suds enterprises. She decided to hang up her hat in Corporate America after 15 years experience in Human Resources to take baking classes and run a small business making specialty cakes. She did  this successfully for 5 years while raising a young daughter and volunteering as PTA President. Deana’s background in baking, life experience, professional demeanor and patience are why some of the staff sometimes refer to her as “mom” at the office!


spectrum enterprises

Please check out our other brands and websites for more information:

  • Spectrum Enterprises is dedicated to fundraising as well as oversight of all our efforts.

  • Spectrum Designs is our flagship operation, customizing apparel and promotional merchandise for companies large and small.

  • Spectrum Suds is a community-based laundry service, offering pick-up and delivery service.